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Monthly archive for July 2017

Doing it

There is a thing my exercise coach occasionally says to me that is deeply annoying because it is so very, very true:  Knowing how to do exercises does not make you fit; you have to actually do the exercises. This turns out to be fundamentally true of […]

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Internet Issues

Sorry folks – I am having internet connection issues. I’ll get this week’s post up when I can.

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Mind the Plot Gap

Sorry this is so late to post; it has been one of those weeks. This is one last plotting post, mostly trying to get at Deep Lurker’s problem of “how to get to the end” when the general endpoint is a known quantity. The two main sources […]

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The End of the Plot

For a lot of writers, endings are the hardest part of plotting. Either they know where they want the story to end up, but not how to get there, or they know a lot of things about the story, but can’t seem to work out what the […]

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Plot is hard: Sorting

So back to plot, more directly. The next step, after assembling a huge pile of things that could happen, is arranging all the pieces into a coherent narrative. Note that I said “coherent,” not “complete.” There will undoubtedly still be gaps; the point is to get a […]

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