Six impossible things

Regency Magic — Kate and Cecelia

Kate and Cecelia books written
with Caroline Stevermer

Sorcery and Cecelia (1988)
Sorcery 120

The Grand Tour (2004)
Grand Tour 120

The Mislaid Magician (2006)
Mislaid 120

Kate and Cecy are cousins and best friends in an alternate Regency-era England where magic works and is an accepted part of society. They are temporarily separated (in the first book) when Kate is taken to London for her “Season,” and they stumble upon opposite ends of a magical plot. The story is told through their letters.

Caroline and I started these books as a game, alternately writing letters to each other “in character.” She was Kate and I was Cecy. When we finished the stack of letters that became Sorcery and Cecelia, we sent it to our agent. The book was published by Ace books in a small print run, and not reprinted.

Nearly fifteen years later, demand for used copies of the first book was still great enough that our agents were able to resell the first title along with a sequel. We had been working on the sequel, The Grand Tour, for years; it turned out to be much harder to repeat the process when we knew we were writing for publication, rather than for our own delight.

For the third volume, The Mislaid Magician, we skipped ahead in time ten years, to the building of the early railroads in England.

We don’t currently have plans for another book in the series, but Caroline’s Magic Below Stairs (Penguin, 2010) is set in the same background.

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