Six impossible things

Regency Magic — Mairelon

Mairelon the Magician (1991)

The Magician’s Ward (1997)

A Matter of Magic (2010 omnibus edition)

These books have a setting similar to the Kate and Cecy novels–a Regency England where magic works–though Caroline and I have carefully avoided establishing for certain that they take place in the exact same world.

“Mairelon” is the stage name of Richard Merrill, a wizard who, in the first book, has just returned to England after several years spent spying during the Napoleonic Wars. He is pretending to be a stage magician, on the theory that no one will look for a real magician in the markets. After some initial misunderstanding, he teams up with Kim, a street thief, and the books follow their adventures at both ends of the social spectrum.

Magic and Malice (book club omnibus edition)


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