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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. In case anyone doesn’t have an e-book of SORCERY AND CECELIA and wants one, a bunch of places are doing Black Friday/Cyber Week discounts. Amazon will have it at $1.99 on Friday, 11/25; Kobo will promote it on 11/28, and Apple’s Cyber Week (I’m […]

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Here we go again!

The elbow is not completely healed, but it is much better. I’m still not allowed to lift anything heavier than a coffee cup, but typing isn’t about lifting, so that’s all right. However, I’m planning to ease back into things – I’m going to be posting once […]

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Update Two

So about three and a half weeks ago, I fell and broke my elbow; a week later, I had surgery to repair it. I now have two screws holding the chipped bit in place…and after making bad “I don’t have a screw loose” jokes for the first […]

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So here is the story: I was walking at the gym last Tuesday, tripped, and fell heavily onto my right forearm. Which felt really painful, and then after the initial really painful part, really weird (and wouldn’t bend or rotate). So my walking buddy took me to […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posting returns Sunday.

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What I have been up to

I am back, after eight days in Beijing and Shanghai, plus two on the plane, plus another four in San Francisco on the way there (because my sister wasn’t going to San Francisco without eating at Fisherman’s Wharf and it sort of spiraled from there). I still […]

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For those who just couldn’t stand it

Here is the picture of my office as of yesterday morning. It is still pretty much the same, except for the cat bed next to the computer, which I had to add to keep Karma from trying to sleep on the stuff I was working on. And […]

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It’s 2014

Happy New Year! It is the first day of 2014. I’ve spent the last week or so tidying up loose ends from 2013, and now it’s time to look forward to the next year. I was going to upload a picture of my cleared-up desk, but apparently […]

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Still Merry Christmas

  As you have probably noticed, updating the blog was more complicated than we thought. It is now here, hopefully for good this time. Meanwhile, I just want to say Merry Christmas to all the readers out there, the ones who read this blog, the ones who read my […]

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My Writing Life: An Adventure

You are standing in a hallway at nine in the morning, facing a dining room/kitchen to the south. To the west are stairs up. To the north is an office. Your head feels rather fuzzy. >Go north You are standing in a cluttered office, full of paper, […]

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