Six impossible things

For those who just couldn’t stand it

Here is the picture of my office as of yesterday morning. desk 2014 001

It is still pretty much the same, except for the cat bed next to the computer, which I had to add to keep Karma from trying to sleep on the stuff I was working on. And then I had to put a sheet of paper in it or she wouldn’t sleep there. Strange beast.

  1. Our cats prefer newsprint, for some reason, so I am set. At least until my subscription runs out.

  2. Well, sure, if there isn’t something to sit on it’s not worth bothering with! My cats have been enjoying having the Christmas placemats on the table – they clearly think they should be called Cat Mats.

    (The office looks great, by the way!)

  3. Oh, but of course. They have to feel they’re being useful after all! 🙂 If it makes you feel any better, my cat *DEMANDED* a place on my desk as well. She just HAD to be near me while I worked. Even though she’s gone now, the two boys we have now make fairly liberal use of the same spot. Keeps them from chasing other necessary stuff off my workspace, mostly. 🙂

    Nice work on the desk. It looks good. And I like your setup!

  4. I’ll never understand cats

  5. Paper is the most comfortable, you know. My kitten absolutely loves the Christmas tree skirt. She is uninterested in other blankets that we might put on the floor – just the tree skirt.

    Anyway – made me laugh! And great job on your office!

  6. Impressive. Bet you can find things now.

    Did you discover anything unexpected when you cleaned? Something long buried?

    I need to follow your example, and actually go through, deal with, and file the stuff in the tidy cardboard box – instead of in piles all over the floor.

    • I found a few things that the cats had buried – three double-point knitting needles, a ton of Post-It pads – but nothing really unexpected, because I did a clean-up like this about six months ago, so there wasn’t anything older than that hiding under stuff. The scary thing is that it only took 6 months to get to the “before” picture…

  7. Thank you! I was one of those who “just couldn’t stand it.” Not seeing your tidy office, that is! 😀 Nice work!

  8. Mysterious are the ways of cats. Our elderly cat, Jasmine, decided a couple months ago that where she wanted to be was on the highest place in the room. Mind you, we have a cat tree that reaches to two feet or so from the ceiling, but no. She wanted to sleep on top of the microwave in the kitchen, where I keep a thing that’s supposed to be drawer liner (but we have no drawers) to hold flatware. I found a piece of plywood and gave it a duck tape hinge to make it a lid, and at that point she wasn’t interested any more; she now hangs out on the bed. But before she made that changed, she peed into the toaster oven that was next to the microwave, and it no longer works.


    Now she’s curled up next to me, sleeping the sleep of the just and innocent. Yeah, right.

  9. Ooh, look at all that lovely desk space! And storage! /*is envious*/

    At least Karma’s happy with being on top of the paper. One of mine loves to go after the invisible mice that live under any paper the human might be working with. This is especially fun when I have maps spread out, planning trips real or fictional.

  10. You’ve done a great job with the office! And I just love your discriminating cat who will only deign to recline on paperwork.

  11. I’m still worried by the angle of the row of books at the back…

    • Those aren’t books; they are computer games and CDs on a fancy angled half-box shelf. Um. Take a wooden + sign. Put a wooden L down the left side and across the bottom, so you have one square box in the lower left corner and three others that are open on one or two sides. Then take a 3″ piece of wood and prop up the right end of the shelf so the whole thing sits at an angle. It is great because even the cats don’t try to knock things off it.

      Um. And those are just the current crop. There are a lot more in the closet that I’m either finished with for the most part or that only run on DOS or Windows 98, but that I can’t quite bear to let go of. Yeah, I have something of a computer games addiction. Why do you ask?

  12. I love your office. It’s so much space. I miss the cat snoring under my desk.

  13. My parents actually have a cat who is just fascinated whenever one of us is putting together a project when we’re at home. She sits, and stares, and will hang out by us until we’re finished. And if it has something to do with paper (doesn’t matter whether it’s computer paper, newsprint, or what) she somehow finds a large piece to sit on while we’re messing with the rest of it.

    • My parents had a cat we called The Inspector.

      She was an outdoor cat who loved being around my brother and Dad when they were working on anything. Dad would get done making a weld, and the cat would move in to sniff it, then move back to let him make the next one. Rinse, lather, repeat. When Dad would be fixing an engine, the cat would literally lay on his neck and head, watching what he was doing. If they were working on anything, she’d be there, watching.

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