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There is no One True Way

One of the things you find a lot in writing books are prescriptions:  This is THE (only right and workable best) way to write/develop a career as a writer. And they’re wrong. Or so I think, anyway. There is no One True Way to write. (This is […]

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Starting the Juggling Act Again

A good many years ago, I was on a panel about the business side of writing. About half the panel were full-time writers; the other half still had day jobs. During the question-and-answer session, someone directed a question at James P. Hogan, one of the other full-timers […]

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How To Be A Writer

Write. No, really, that’s it. It’s kind of a definitional thing. What you have to be in order to be a writer is, you have to be someone who writes.  Period.  You don’t have to be nice; you don’t have to be educated; you don’t have to […]

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