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Better Living Through Technology?

It looks as if we have successfully migrated the blog and web site to the new servers, knock wood. I’m afraid a couple of comments got lost in the switchover, sorry. The whole process was a whole lot more involved than I’d expected, and I wasn’t even […]

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Technical difficulties

As many of you have noticed, the blog was out for a week and is now back. Unfortunately, the “back” part may be temporary; it’s back because the migration to the new server didn’t work properly and we had to un-migrate it. This means that some time […]

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Happy (?) New Year’s Crash…

Last Wednesday, I updated my blog, checked my email, did all the usual computer things, and at the end of the day, I logged off and went to bed, as usual. Thursday morning when I turned on the computer…everything had gone missing. By which I mean, the […]

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Tools of the Trade, part 2

So I’m still poking through all the programs for writers. Storybook turned out to be another one that was more of a planner than a writing program, which shouldn’t have surprised me, since it bills itself as a writing organizer. If I wanted a separate one of […]

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Tools of the trade

I have a confession to make: I love playing with writing programs. They’re a window into other writers’ working processes, something I find utterly fascinating and always have. Lately, I’ve had another reason for poking through what’s available: the latest and last version update to my favorite […]

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Memo to self

Do not go out of town for a week and FORGET TO TAKE THE NEW PASSWORD for your shiny new blog.

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I heart my laptop

The new modem is now working, but the wireless still isn’t. I probably should have expected it–it’s one of those corollaries of Murphy’s Law: The week before you leave home on a trip, everything that can go wrong will. But I am going to ignore my chore […]

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It never rains but it pours

Yesterday morning, my modem died the ultimate death. Dead modems turn out to be dreadfully hard to diagnose, or at least, that’s what I conclude after spending two hours on the phone to tech support trying to determine why my Internet connection was unstable. Add another hour […]

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