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But what does it look like? (A bit about description)

Description is one of those love-it-or-hate-it things. Some readers want more, more, more; they want to see every button and bead on the dress, every scratch on the woodwork. Other people roll their eyes and complain about slowing down the story when they run across long passages […]

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There is no One True Way

One of the things you find a lot in writing books are prescriptions:  This is THE (only right and workable best) way to write/develop a career as a writer. And they’re wrong. Or so I think, anyway. There is no One True Way to write. (This is […]

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From the mailbag, #1

And now for a quick look through the mailbag (fixing the comments took longer than expected, but they finally seem to be working, yay!). Some excerpts that seem like a good idea to answer here: From several people: “Will you be autographing/appearing in X area soon?” Answer: […]

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