Six impossible things

Technical difficulties

As many of you have noticed, the blog was out for a week and is now back. Unfortunately, the “back” part may be temporary; it’s back because the migration to the new server didn’t work properly and we had to un-migrate it.

This means that some time in the next week (hopefully within the next day or two) the blog will be re-migrated to the new server. At this point, I’m expecting it to go down again, because that’s just the way this whole process has been working so far, but perhaps we’ll get lucky this time.

There are people working on this, and I’m hoping we get it all figured out within the next week or so. My ISP informs me that I’m not the only one having trouble with the migration, so it’s not entirely under my control. And they’ve been absolute champions about answering questions and spending hours on the phone when they, too, are having an extraordinarily busy time.

In practical terms, what this means for you folks is: I’m not going to be posting quite as regularly until we’re finished moving everything, and the blog may go down again sometime in the near future (though not for as long, I hope).

Thanks for your patience, and I’ll try to keep this updated for any new developments.

  1. Good luck! I hate dealing with that kind of stuff.

  2. I’m just glad you’re back — I love reading and being inspired by your posts!

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